San Jose Venture Capital & Angel Investment Transactions Attorney

San Jose’s DPA Law PC helps investors, startup technology and internet media companies raise or invest money through private placement equity and convertible debt venture financing transactions. We facilitate due diligence and structure and document private placement investments at each of the following investment stages:

  • Seed-Stage Financings: very early funding round typically raising between $250,000 and $1,500,000 led by professional angels, seed funds, and sometimes founders’ family members, sometimes for convertible promissory notes rather than preferred stock;
  • Early-Stage Financings: early stage but larger equity investment rounds by professional investors, seed funds and venture funds whose expertise and networking capabilities tend to be more valuable to the issuing company here than at later investment rounds; and,
  • Expansion- and Later-Stage Financings: typically follow-on rounds by corporate investors or venture funds after the issuing company demonstrates significant growth.

Examples of financing transactions recently completed by DPA Law PC attorneys for Silicon Valley clients include:

  • Seed-stage financing: represented issuing technology company in $250,000 convertible note transaction.
  • Early-stage financing: represented technology company issuing $1.5 million in preferred shares to an off-shore angel investor.
  • Expansion-stage financing: represented technology company issuing $8 million in preferred shares to venture capital and a corporate investor.
  • Angel investment fund: represented organizer of an angel fund with $20 million in committed capital for seed and early stage investments.
  • Convertible bridge loan with warrant coverage: represented issuing technology company in $1.5 million bridge loan financing.

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