Trade Secret Protection & Employee Mobility Attorney San Jose

DPA Law PC counsels business clients and provides the contract drafting and review services necessary to leverage and protect key proprietary information and processes as protectable trade secrets. This extends to incoming employment, independent contractor, and vendor agreements as well as to outgoing customer and partnering agreements.

Our litigators help clients enforce in state and federal courts their rights under nondisclosure contracts, proprietary rights agreements, employment and other agreements protective of business assets protected as trade secret rights. These are rights that a company must enforce if it intends to continue to claim the right to prevent competitors and others from using its proprietary information and processes as protectable trade secrets.

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DPA’s litigation attorneys are experienced in litigating these matters and have achieved material success on behalf of clients in obtaining preliminary and permanent injunctive relief as well as damages awards in such enforcement actions.

DPA’s Trade Secret Practice in Support of Employee Mobility

DPA Law PC guides and represents individuals seeking to change employment or organize a startup company without violating enforceable contractual rights and obligations owed to a current or former employer. We also work with businesses seeking to hire an employee or former employee from a competitor while respecting the legitimate trade secret interests of third parties.

The attorneys in our San Jose, California, based litigation group are experienced in analyzing and litigating these issues and have achieved material success on behalf of employees opposing efforts to enjoin their competition against former employers. We also consult with employees who wish to join or start a company that might compete with a current or former employer to assist their lawfully and properly transferring their general knowledge and skills to a new employer while respecting a former employer’s trade secret rights.

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