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Startup Lifecycle Services

DPA assists founders and their start-up companies with entry strategies, angel funding, intellectual property rights protection, growth financings, and exit mechanisms. We offer fixed fee incorporations for new companies. Our Silicon Valley-based corporate law attorneys work with domestic and international organizations operating, or organizing entities in, California, Delaware and Nevada.

Entity Selection and Organization

After guiding the selection of the form of business entity and state of organization, DPA helps founders structure relationships among those with an interest in the company’s success through founder agreements, appropriate bylaw, charter, and buy-sell provisions, and, when they are ready, equity incentive (stock option) plans and convertible debt financing arrangements.

Emerging Company Growth

In later stage transactions, our business attorneys assist the emerging company’s growth with general corporate and contract support in areas of sales, staffing, services, partnering, and procurement and intellectual property protection. When appropriate, DPA’s business lawyers help the client partner with talented venture capital or corporate investors through venture capital financing arrangements designed, within prevailing market constraints, to balance founders’ needs and aspirations with those of their selected professional investors.

Exit Phase

During the exit phase, and in advance of the acquirer’s due diligence, DPA assists the corporate client’s organization of — and, as appropriate, correction of deficiencies in — its records and documents in areas of corporate governance, securities compliance, contract compliance and intellectual property rights. We generally guide clients’ negotiation of the legal and risk aspects of their exit agreements, and draft, or participate in drafting, the purchase and sale — or, as applicable, merger — agreements, together with the related ancillary agreements and regulatory filings.

DPA attorneys have managed and completed for corporate clients private to private and private to public purchase and sales transactions upon exit with values ranging from several hundred thousand to many tens of millions of dollars.

For more information on DPA’s business startup services please contact Andrew (Drew) Piunti at (408) 300-5770 ext. 7 or (888) 915-5520 ext. 7, via e-mail at, or through our online form.

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DPA Law APC represented our company all the way from organization including setting up option plans through exit by sale to a public company. Drew is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and always does things for the best interest of his clients. We…
– Pawan Uberoy, Founder and CEO Evergreen, Inc
Drew Piunti is an extremely versatile and effective attorney. He is also personable, super smart, delivers the goods and has great business sense. He has been an outstanding advisor to me personally on many occasions, [and] has been my company’s o…
– Joe Flynn, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Lavante, Inc.

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