San Jose Corporate Counsel Business Services Attorney

Certain of DPA’s emerging company and small business clients retain us as outside general counsel to help with day-to-day legal work. This arrangement provides the client with rapid access as needed to a lead business attorney familiar with the client’s business, its contracts, its relative bargaining strengths, and its recurring legal support needs. In addition to generally managing corporate governance and securities matters, as general counsel DPA’s Drew Piunti, supported by others at DPA — and, as appropriate, by a network of specialists — will typically respond in 60 minutes or less to inquiries from any company team member, and frequently will turn over sales contracts, partnering arrangements, and procurement, staffing, or HR matters in 24 hours or less.

We offer emerging growth companies and small businesses billing alternatives. These can include a reduced flat hourly rate, a fixed monthly retainer and/or a fixed price for certain deliverables.

From our San Jose offices, we counsel businesses throughout Silicon Valley and serve U.S. and international companies operating in California, Delaware, and Nevada.

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Services Provided

  • Drafting, distributing and collecting necessary board and shareholder written consents and maintaining the hard copy of corporate minute books and stock ledgers as well as electronic copies of other corporate records and agreements;
  • Attending board and stockholder meetings, generating the minutes and resolutions, and providing related counsel and advice;
  • Advising on corporate governance issues generally;
  • Causing the corporation to be qualified as a foreign entity in jurisdictions where its conduct of business so requires;
  • Amending, as required, articles of incorporation, bylaws or, as applicable, certificates of incorporation;
  • Providing transactional contract support: reviewing, revising, drafting and, where appropriate, negotiating partnering agreements and inbound or outbound agreements with vendors, service providers, officers, consultants, customers, and lenders, as well as generating online terms of use and privacy policy statements, services agreements, and vendor/supplier agreements;
  • Drafting and structuring equity and non-equity based incentive compensation and stock option plans and individual equity awards;
  • Managing outside litigation and liaising with outside counsel;
  • Reviewing and, as applicable, revising and negotiating commercial property lease agreements;
  • Preparing and negotiating employment separation and severance agreements;
  • Engaging in the pre-hire review of certain candidates’ prior employment circumstances to ensure compliance with third-party trade secret and IP rights;
  • Providing and maintaining a client suite of incoming employment, proprietary rights, invention assignment and independent contractor agreements;
  • Preparing restricted stock purchase agreements as incentives for certain independent contractors;
  • Representing the company in venture finance rounds, including reviewing, negotiating, and drafting financing transaction documents and supporting due diligence production and control.
  • Causing government filings, including exempt security transaction notice filings, annual company statements and the like to be prepared and filed as necessary.

Owing in part to prior practice experience with national and international law firms, we recognize the need for companies to maintain the relationship(s) with outside counsel who are specialists certain practice areas. DPA Law PC maintains relationships with many such specialists. We promote the most cost-effective distribution of legal work to ensure that the client receives quality legal representation overall.

Contact us to learn more about our firm, our general corporate services, and how we might be able to help. You can reach Andrew (Drew) Piunti by phone at (888) 915-5520 ext. 7 or (408) 300-5770 ext. 7, via e-mail at, or through our online form.