Contract Drafting Services Attorney San Jose

Although starting a business can be relatively straightforward, many of the small intricacies that come with a new business can be frustrating, challenging, and outside of your scope of abilities.

One of the most important things that must be accomplished throughout the life of your business is contract drafting: writing the terms and details of a legally binding contract or agreement. With how many agreements and contracts are involved in running a business, doing this single-handedly is nearly impossible.

In these situations, it’s best to consult a startup lawyer who is heavily experienced in contract and agreement drafting.

Why is a Lawyer Necessary?

You may think that any person who is well-versed in business may have the capability to competently draft contracts for your business, but only those who are experienced in business law can ensure that a contract is legally binding and secure of any potential loopholes or hazards.

An established attorney can be vital in ensuring that your contracts and agreements are safe from disputes and potential lawsuits by employees, sellers, users, vendors, and more.

What Does a Lawyer Do?

Although you could boil down a contract drafting lawyer’s services to simply writing contracts and agreements for the company, the job is, in reality, much more complicated. In drawing up contracts, they must consider that it:

  • Follows all regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Secures the company in cases where it is broken or otherwise violated.
  • Contains language that is straightforward and easy to understand to prevent misinterpretations and confusing situations.
  • Is appropriate for the circumstances in which the contract is present.

Not all contracts are the same, so it is paramount that a startup lawyer understands the proper language, scope, and consequences of a specific contract before drafting, revising, and finalizing.

Types of Contracts

In business law, a contract lawyer may be able to draft up multiple types of contracts. This includes:

  • Web Agreements. This may include any terms of service agreements for software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, contracts for subscriptions, and other terms of use conditions.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements. Any situations where the business undergoes financial transactions require a solid, legally binding contract before the transaction is made final. This includes acquisitions, mergers, buyouts, and other buy-sell situations.
  • IP Agreements. If you own any intellectual property and would like to share its use with specific clients or partners, an IP agreement may allow you to give express written consent to use your patent, trademark, or copyright to others.
  • Employment Agreements. This can include non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property, along with employee contracts, independent contractor agreements, and other types of contracts related to business law.

With multiple types of contracts to draft, revise, and secure, it is always recommended to consult a startup lawyer with specialized experience in contract drafting services.

Things to Consider

When hiring a contract drafting lawyer, it is important to consider these following questions:

  • What types of contracts will a lawyer need to write, revise, or review?
  • Does the lawyer have relevant experience to display his competence at contract drafting?
  • How often do I need to revise my contracts in order to reflect continuing changes in regulations and state and federal laws?
  • Can a contract lawyer also assist in other legal writing tasks that are necessary for my business?

Contract drafting services are an often overlooked and underrated skill in startup lawyers – but they are absolutely essential to the regular operations of your business.