San Jose Business Contracts & Intellectual Property Agreements Laywer

DPA Law PC drafts and assists clients with the negotiation of business contracts related to the development, ownership, acquisition, distribution, licensing, marketing, and sale of products, technology, intellectual property (IP) and related services. We also assist clients with business contracts with vendors including commercial landlords and leases.

DPA lawyers’ experience ranges from implementing an overall licensing or distribution strategy to focused support on specific contract issues such as warranties, indemnities, disclaimers of damages, limitations of liability, enforceability, ownership of intellectual property, source code escrow, export restrictions, e-commerce agreements, terms of use, inbound equipment, and facility leases, sub-leases and assignments.

Based in San Jose, we work with clients throughout Silicon Valley and serve U.S. and international companies operating in California, Delaware and Nevada.

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Critical Inbound Employee, Consulting and Development Agreements

We advise startup and emerging companies and provide all appropriate forms of contracts to secure company ownership — or, as applicable, appropriate usage rights — in and to the design, development, production and protection of key intellectual property, including information protected solely as trade secrets. Such inbound contracts include:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Individual work-for-hire consulting and development agreements
  • Entity work-for-hire consulting and development agreements
  • Independent contractor invention assignment proprietary rights agreements
  • Employee and founder invention assignment proprietary rights agreements
  • Founder pre-existing IP assignment agreements

Strategic IP transactions

We represent clients in the design and documentation of national and global cross-border and domestic joint ventures, strategic alliances, collaborations, research and development, and other teaming arrangements.

IP Commercialization

We counsel clients on protecting, developing and monetizing their IP assets. We also help clients enter and succeed in domestic and foreign markets through value-added resale (VAR), original equipment manufacturing (OEM), distribution, licensing, e-commerce and other commercial arrangements.

IP Users

We represent clients in the acquisition or in-licensing of technology, data, or tools, as well as with their outbound licensing transactions and customer and end-user agreements.

For assistance with business contracts please contact Andrew (Drew) Piunti by phone at (888) 915-5520 or (408) 300-5770, via e-mail at, or through our online form.