Month: February 2016

Posted By on Feb. 24th 2016

How To Revive A Suspended California Corporation

In an earlier post we address why a California corporation’s status sometimes becomes suspended and how to avoid this (May, 2015: Why Does The “Active” Status of a California Corporation Get Suspended, and How is This Avoided?”)  As we explained, a corporation can be suspended either by the Secretary of State for failing to file its annual Statement of Information, or by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for failing to pay taxes or file tax returns. As one might anticipate, reviving a California corporation whi..
Posted By on Feb. 19th 2016

Stock options – The major differences between ISOs and NSOs & the 83(b) election

There are two major differences between incentive stock options (ISOs) and non-qualified stock options (NSOs): the type of person who may receive the option award and the tax consequences upon option exercise.   This is not to suggest that there aren’t other technical distinctions but, this post will address only these two.  It also reviews the benefit of the 83(b) election. ISOs Are For Employees, Not Independent Contractors ISOs can only be granted to employees.   NSOs can be granted to anyone: employees,..
Posted By on Feb. 17th 2016

What Startups Need to Know about Business Contracts & Common Intellectual Property Errors

First time startup founders often overlook key intellectual property concepts and provisions in their business arrangements and contracts.  This is particularly true for those who self-incorporate through LegalZoom or similar sites.  While some of this can often be cleaned-up by a corporate attorney after the fact, this is not always the case.  And, sometimes, even when it is, doing so presents a costly drawn-out diversion of time, energy and resources.From the experience of DPA Law PC’s attorneys advising..